Chat Security that Google Misses

Today I am going to add one more point to likes about Microsoft Products. It is about MSN Messenger. In early days of chatting, Yahoo was the most popular and then MSN messenger. There were similar chat clients available. But with entry of Google Talk and embedded chat in Gmail, everyone took back seat. Every everyone came up with embedded chat with audio and video. But Google Talk is still popular being very light weight. I like Google talk to avoid many non-sense features that typical chat clients have.

But there is one feature about GTalk which I always hate. When you log in from multiple locations, it keeps all the sessions active. When you chat with someone, you are never sure if you are talking to the real person. In this case even you are not sure who is reading your chat session. So you lose your privacy. You cannot easily end all other sessions.

Now coming to MSN Messeneger (Now Windows Live Messenger) it has many features which I do not use like integration with Facebook and LinkedIn. But common chat feature I use. The best part of it is that when you log from multiple locations, it gives you a notice about being logged in from multiple location and all the locations from where you have logged in. I know even Microsoft is getting data from your system. But it publishes and give you a facility to remotely end all other sessions so that you can keep your active session live.

Actually Google too have this feature in Gmail but it is hidden from common users. One has to go to some page which I do not remember now and end all other sessions. May be here I can say that Google keeps your data for their use and do not wish a common user to understand it where as Microsoft gets your data and shows it to you.

An a layman I will say Google is missing a chat security feature in chat clients where are Microsoft scores here. I can log out from all other session from a client which I wish and keep only one session active.


thanks and regards
Ashish Kulkarni



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