PLM and Social Network Features

These days we always talk about Social Network, its features and related stuff in PLM. In past few days, while working with PLM End Users I faced user frustrations about multiple emails sent by PLM systems. These emails are many times non value addition items. These are not only flooding inboxes but make user confuse to prioritize their activities.

Intension for sending email notifications is really good. But now it is old fashioned and more important is not work it by making your smaller inbox full of System Generated auto mails. Specially when today’s user use Facebook, LinkedIn in and twitter on their mobile phones, then sending emails for notification is really old fashioned.

What I think is to give a twitter like service in PLM so that user can see notifications, tasks on his/her will by just clicking on “25 new notification ” or “12 New Tasks”. It should also give an ability to tag these updates by Project Name or Part Number or anything else that user is interested in. So that user can ignore unwanted notification without leaning up mail box and also enjoy social network features in PLM.

This will not only reduce load on mail servers and inboxes but also improve PLM Application performance. I would love to see such features for tasks, notification and lifecycle changes and anything that an end user can think of. I think this is not impossible. May be a plugin can help.

thanks and regards
Ashish Kulkarni

How to get IE8 back

Hey,I got a new Dell XPS when I joined our China office. Once I logged in it started installing updates on Windows 7 Base installation and I got IE9. I never liked IE9. Its asks for more security warnings and Favorites button is on browser toolbar. For more than a month I tried to adjust with IE9. But one fine day I lost my patience. I wanted IE8 back. So how to get it? Here are the steps.

  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Uninstall a program
  3. Once you go to installed Program’s list watch on the left hand side for View Installed Updates.
  4. Locate Internet Explorer 9 and select.
  5. Simply click on Uninstall
  6. Reboot the system

Once you are logged in you get IE8 back without losing any data. Hope this helps. Happy Surfing.

thanks and regards
Ashish Kulkarni