Political Views, Social Media and Me

These days it is becoming highly sensitive to express over internet. Its getting tracked. In a way it is really good. You cannot hide your entity on internet. But at the same time, I think this tracking is getting misused. Anyway, I am not a political leader to create a storm by expressing my views on social media like Twitter or Facebook.
Other side of this is, We all are spending a lot of time on internet using smart devices just to watch what others are doing. We are really wasting some valuable time which can be creatively used to do so many important things.

I hope things will change and all these ways to change society will be used in right way and at right time.

Corruption in India and International Media

Today, a friend of mine forwarded an email to me written by an Indian CEO. Initially I was impressed and also embarrassed like him only. But after sometime I started thinking about it.

I  do agree that congress led governments in India and even British Rule over India made Indians to think that money can be made from politics only. May be many of Indians who are not educated start thinking that money can be made easily by using illegal ways and becoming a part of government. But I thought that most of the scams in India when exposed reveal that many MNCs are involved.

So is it possible that only Indians responsible for current state of corruption in India? No I think money makers across the world who want to make money using Indian land and Indian people are also equally responsible.

Anyway, there are ways to control it if Indians have will to control it. Indians need to come together on it and fight against it so that they clear all dark pictures that are there in International Media.