Demand and Supply

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Don’t worry. I am not going to bore you all with with typical commerce principles of Demand and Supply. But this time I am just sharing my experience in Job Market.

In past, I mean 2-3 years back, IT industry in India was in boom. Everybody wanted a resource to bill his/her client. So it as sellers market. You just tell somebody that I know these technologies. And you are inn… Now billing starts and you get busy. Your employer gets busy with counting your billable hours and get payment from client.

One fine day client becomes a victim of recession, which is expected at his end. But your employer wanted you to bill till you can. He/she never thought of your weaknesses and provide you training. Simply because your billing hours cannot be spared and you are high billable resource. Suddenly he calls you and tells you that I am unable to pay your salary and you are requested to go back home. So you have no other option than to listen to him/her. You keep on expecting that one fine day he/she will call me back and

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keep hope for the same.

Now the market is buyer’s market. Buyer still needs resources, but this time he is recruiting low cost and low quality resources. You are no more required in market due to your buying cost. Even if you lower your buying cost, he/she is not ready to buy your services thinking that same situation may come again and/or you may not be trustworthy.

Demand and Supply are playing their own game. But you are the only resource which is always at loss as they are winners and industry does not need losers.

I hope you are not victim of Demand and Supply Chain.