Learning Matrix – Create Attributes

Though I work to support various PLMs, I never had a programming view of any PLM. I thought that technical side of my most favorites PLM (Matrix) will give me an added advantage and hence I started learning it.

Initial I was running away from it as I thought it needs in depth programming knowledge. yes, one needs it. But not to start with. And hence I started my own learning of matrix. First phase was of learning installation. It was never a tough job for me as I like to play with installations. I installed weblogic, oracle (database), and matrix. Got some know how from my friends.

Now, I started executing an assignment. I am creating attributes first.

To create attributes, one needs to specify

  1. Name of the attribute
  2. Description of the attribute
  3. Type (Data Type) of the attribute
  4. Default Value and its range (If required)

Its very simple. I am happy to create many attributes on my own.