Removing or Deleting Services on Windows


Many times we come across installation errors and find that there is a service running and hence you cannot install a software. We know how to uninstall a software but many of us do not know how to remove a service which is not not running or its seen in services even after uninstalling a software.

There are two (2) ways to remove a service.

  • Using Command Line
    1. Run cmd
    2. Sc stop ServiceName
    3. Sc delete ServiceName
  • Edit Services File
    1. Go to the location where services file is located – C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc
    2. Edit services file and remove unwanted service

That’s it. it is very simple.


Happy Windows Administration Smile 


– Ashish

Moved my Live Spaces Account to WordPress

Hey, I moved my Live Spaces blog account to WordPress. My both the blogs are merged now and I have single blog . Not its easy to maintain all my stuff at one place. What about you? Where are you taking your live spaces blog to wordpress.

Try Linux

Hey, Have you tries Linux?

Many of the computer user even do not know what is operating systems. Some of the users know windows and feel that computer is nothing but windows. A decade back even I had same concepts. But nowadays I started working on Linux with all such applications which you can find on windows.

I tried Ubuntu and Lunix Mint. Interesting part is I have installed Ubuntu 10.04 as an application inside windows so I get dual boot option. But for Linux Mint I am using a USB Drive. So just insert USB drive and start your PC/Laptop.  So even if you have authentic windows with you, still you can try Linux without affecting your windows.