Should companies start using CMSs?

Many a times getting suggestions from employees is a good idea. But creativity does not have a deadline. I think companies should start using CMSs like Drupal, WordPress. Every employee who wants to think out of the box can write his own ideas on his company’s internal blogging systems. This can help companies to get new ideas at faster rate. This system can also be used for various purposes. More to pen later. What do you think about having such CMS (Content Management System) in your company?

Mind Mapping

Hello friends,

Some of you might be knowing what is Mind Mapping. Its a technique to use your brain more effectively and creatively. Tony Buzan is father of Mind Mapping. You search on Google about Mind Mapping and get more information. This is just a starting point for all of us. I am also trying to learn mind mapping techniques.

Marathi and Internet

English is the language that most of the people in this world use. Specially while using computers. But these days technology is helping other regional languages in any part of world.

Marathi is such a language used in state of Maharashtra of India. Young generation of Maharashtra is working on current technologies to bring benefits to grass root level of Maharashtra.

I wish to see those days when most of the marathi people interacting over internet of their day to day communication.