Point of No Return…

It has been my experience that many PLM buyers come to a conclusion that investing in PLM is point of no return. ROI on PLM investment is a favourite topic of a debate and everyone agreed that it is hard to measure PLM project success.
In my opinion PLM Project investment decisions are taken by IT department and they head these Projects. But we should make a note that PLM covers whole organization. Hence owenership of such project should belong to a group of business users and owners rather than making. IT department a victim for a feeling of coming to a point of no return and somehow complete the project. IT should be a support team to deploy the solution. Business user groups should be main point of contact while defining and validating solution. IT should be involved for infrastructure needs and scalability.
Most important role I see in success of PLM Projects is a Project Manager who understands PLM as a tool and client business environment. He/she can definitely take the project to success rather than making this investment. Only as apoint of no return.

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SharePoint 2013

Started exploring SharePoint 2013 today. They say that social is the main feature they have added to SharePoint. I am looking for following points.

    1. Blog and community integration.
    2. Project Management features without MSP integration.
    3. Team communication without email.
    4. Profile management integrated with legacy applications.
    5. Easy to create filtered lists.
    6. Search and Task integrated with PLM tasks and search.

I will keep on posting updates on SharePoint 2013.

– Ashish

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Mind42.com – Better Application for Mind Mapping

Many a times noting down your thoughts in mind map is necessary. Its not necessary that you have your device with you all the time. But if you have an internet connection, then www.mind42.com is a better option. You can create you own mind map, keep them secured. You can even share it with your friends. I liked it very much. If you like to create mind maps, you can give a try on www.mind42.com

Meetings and Suggestions

Yesterday, I was reading a book related to management skills. It states that if possible arrange your meetings in the evening and if possible have standing meeting. I liked both the suggestion. But many times most of the meetings are called in the morning to plan and communicated day’s task. I think its good idea to call meetings in evening so do same, but only difference is plan tasks for tomorrow, get status of today.

Standing meeting is also a good point but is helpful when you have quick meetings and need to take decisions on quicker note.