PLM and India

When I think about PLM and India, there are many thoughts come to my mind. I wish to share it with all…

PLM Development and India
Many of us know that India is development centre for many software products including Microsoft products. India is really one of the most respected name in software industry. Not only because of the cost advantage but also for creative solutions for product designers. But when we think on the same line for PLM Products, I come across very few names in Indian companies which are development partners for PLM OEMs.
PLM itself is a huge field and there is huge scope for creative solutions to be generated. Those Indians, interested in product development should come forward and start developing small but supportive products for PLMs.

PLM and Implementations in India
There are few Indian OEMs which use PLM like TATA Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra, Bajaj Auto. But scope of PLM in India is limited to such big size industries only. Oh yes, there are certain implementation in middle level companies but most of these are MNCs and hence do not have a driver of PLM Implementation. May be Indians do not have their own products is the key issue. There might be a case that Indians do not have products to sell at global market. But there are products which are designed and sold for domestic market. We should encourage all these companies to use PLM. It has a huge scope. But there is a obstacle for it. PLM Licensing cost. All PPLM OEMs  and /or Open Source PLMs should think of this market and come up with a lost cost but effective product.

I wish that one fine day, India will need large amount of skilled PLM Professionals.