Removing or Deleting Services on Windows


Many times we come across installation errors and find that there is a service running and hence you cannot install a software. We know how to uninstall a software but many of us do not know how to remove a service which is not not running or its seen in services even after uninstalling a software.

There are two (2) ways to remove a service.

  • Using Command Line
    1. Run cmd
    2. Sc stop ServiceName
    3. Sc delete ServiceName
  • Edit Services File
    1. Go to the location where services file is located – C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc
    2. Edit services file and remove unwanted service

That’s it. it is very simple.


Happy Windows Administration Smile 


– Ashish


3 thoughts on “Removing or Deleting Services on Windows

  1. Odd this publish is totaly unrelated to what I was looking google for, but it was listed on the 1st page. I guess your doing something correct if Google likes you enough to place you on the very first page of a non associated search.

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