Building Simple Websites – Microsoft

Having an email address and having a cell phone number is very common these days. These two things are our identities in today’s technology world. When it comes to a level higher, i.e. having something of my own on this world wide web, then its as simple as having own website. Having a blog is not so great today. Anyone can go to any service provider and start his/her blog, a group blog. But making a website is still not so common.

If some is starting his/her own small business, then having a website is like to reaching to the everyone on the worldwide web. I also thought to have my own website if start something on my own. So I started searching for simple solutions. I am a very common man having no coding skills. So I need something like editing a word document. Finally I got 2 solutions. Initially it was only one called “Google Pages” which is renamed to Google Sites now. But recently I explored that Microsoft also started its such service called Microsoft Office Live Small Business.

This gives you a free access to create your own website with a lot of features. I started exploring it and created my first site on Microsoft platform. Visit Kulkarni Consultants to have a first look. I would like to know your suggestions and feedbacks. I am exploring Google Sites too.

Till then happy surfing.


Thanks and Regards

Ashish Kulkarni


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