PLM Training

Everyone in industry speaks about PLM. But if someone goes to market and search for PLM Training Institute or Course, he/she will hardly find anything in market. I am also in search of such a institute who will teach me everything about at least a single PLM tool.

One can say that if there is no institute then there is a large scope of business. true. But what I am looking for is something educator who will educate myself as well as industries. I wish my need will be full filled in coming days.


2 thoughts on “PLM Training

  1. Good way to understand about PLM is first get core domain exposure:
    e.g : you can work in r&d department or production department of big automotive companies,once you undergo this kind of experience for some years – undertsanding PLM becomes very easy and realistic
    other part is core technology of PLM – that depends on java,c,c+,perl and you can leran this without really understanding plm in depth
    you can learn some functinalities of PLM but not really understand PLM if you do any of the courses available in market on PLM

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