Upakram Diwali Ank – Informative Online Diwali Ank

Marathi literary sphere has a long tradition of Diwali Ank (A special diwali edition of any magazine or newspaper) Reading Diwali Ank is as enjoyable as diwali itself and reading/buying Diwali Ank has become a part of festivities on Diwali.

To add to the Diwali Ank in print media; many online, free to read Diwali Ank have came up. One such online marathi Diwali Ank is Upakram Diwali Ank. Upakram (http://mr.upakram.org) is a marathi website known for informative articles and discussions in marathi. Upakram members have come up with their diwali ank which is available online at http://diwali.upakram.org The contents of this ank go with the nature of upakram itself, i.e. Informative articles on various subjects like art, literature, history, languages, social movements, science & technology, philosophy, current affairs etc. Also it has selected photographs which were taken by the members of photography community on Upakram. I request you all to visit this online diwali ank.

About Upakram:
Upakram (http://mr.upakram.org) is a Marathi website for writing and reading informative articles and discussions. (The website is available for more than a year so you can get a feel of it by looking at the articles/discussions already present.) Here you can directly type in devanagari without any typing tool/aid. There are various communities devoted to specific subjects or initiatives and share their knowledge and ideas online. Please visit http://mr.upakram.org for more. It’s quite easy to be a member and start writing informative articles or take part in any ongoing discussions or even start a new discussion. 


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